Annual Meeting Notes

We held our second annual meeting on August 28, 2018. We added three new board members:  Margaret Hartley, Jennifer Yeow, Malin Christensson and Rhia Mackenzie. The latter three are from south of Slocan Lake so we will be having better contact with residents throughout the whole valley.

The society has been performed its purpose quite nicely since it started just over two years ago. We have  been successful in raising funding for eight projects and raised over $46,000.  An excerpt from the president’s report, describing our projects has been posted on the SOLVE projects page.



Introducing Ourselves

The Slocan Solutions Society is designed to assist the communities in the Slocan area to cooperate to get things accomplished. We do our own project when there is a need but we want to help others to reach there goals and dreams. We will assist people in finding the right society or resource to meet that end. Try telling us your dream!

All pages on this site allow for “comments” or “replies“. These will not show until cleared my our moderator so note them as confidential if you do not want them published on this site.. or e-mail us at slocansolve@gmail,com

Please give us your feedback, we want your input on how we can help.